A boy? But are cookies big? Does that bother you?

A boy? But are cookies big? Does that bother you? Now, if you don’t have breasts, in general, women like to have cookies. Although men have nipple structure, men with pelvic glands are not as common as men. Even if the envious boys say that they have cookies at the gym, they don’t really count as a woman’s biggest phobia. But there are some guys who have big giants. Yes, there are ladies like a woman and a giant. They are sometimes bigger than women and are similar in size to women. Needless to say, this is a disturbing situation. If so, what should you do? What exactly is this situation? That’s what we’re going to teach you.


1. Man boobs?

At first glance, this looks like a joke. Most people, too, are more likely to make fun of and ridicule someone who actually has this condition. But what exactly is this?

The most common condition here is the enlargement of the breasts caused by puberty. This means that the fat is deposited anywhere and in the chest. So you can see the breast of an obese person hanging around like a woman. But this is not what we are talking about.

This is called gynecomastia. According to Experts, about 30% of men are in this situation at some point in their lives. In simple words, gynecomastia is an enlargement of the breast tissue caused by an imbalance of the hormone estrogen or testosterone. This can be the same for both breasts and can be unequal. This is not a very serious medical problem. But this can be a psychological problem.


2. Have a doctor?

Now if any man is getting big breasts, you don’t have to run to a doctor. But if the breast is not big enough, you may want to see a doctor if you feel bloated, feel tender, feel pain, or have difficulty breathing.

And if you just get tired and your breasts get bigger, please go to the gym. Or go to a nutritionist and ask for a diet plan.


3. Man boobs caused by obesity

Often there are older brothers and sisters in the gym who think that the chickens will grow, even if they don’t. But that’s lazy talk. Remember well Breast enlargement does not occur in the body. Chest shape. That’s a clear contrast to the Man Boobs. As a result of obesity, you have to think about your fitness. Control your diet, focus only on nutritious foods and exercise.


4. Man boobs can also develop with aging

We said earlier that hormonal imbalance is one of the causes of gynecomastia. The reason is that testosterone production is low compared to estrogen. With this age, testosterone production begins to decline. Then you will no longer be entitled to a full chest like that of a youth. At the same time, as the body grows older, the chest grows, creating two man boobs.

But there is a clear and convincing solution. But it’s hard. Exercise regularly, from an early age. Being mindful of fitness. Even when you get older, you will have problems like that.


5. There may be other reasons

In addition to the above, there are other things that makeup Boobs. One is unlimited alcohol consumption. Yes, the cookies of those who sip daily into the pocket and especially the beers that help to get those bundles can grow.

Some of the natural oil-based products have been found to have the potential to contribute to the creation of Man Boobs. Then there are the steroids used to smuggle those games. Those are the big cookies for sure.


6. If there is no other way

Now we have said that many of the causes of these Man Boobs can be controlled by changing our lifestyle and losing the Man Boobs. Let us recall the key points of that list: proper diet, healthy diet, daily exercise.

But you may not be able to get rid of the Man Boobs by doing one of them if you have gynecomastia due to hormonal activity or steroid side effects. Then you have to go into surgery. But it is not his doctor who must decide. However, this is not a situation to be feared. Breast reduction surgery is now the most common type of cosmetic surgery.


7. Heart problems

Yes. This is exactly what we were talking about. When a man’s breasts are enlarged for some reason, they are being ridiculed by other people. Especially in a country like Sri Lanka where people talk about the bodies of other people. Then there is the fact that things like these Man Boobs are not particularly noticeable.

The second is the fact that a man who has had this condition can be hard on himself and his men are being challenged.

There are only two things that can be done to overcome this difficult problem. One is to remedy it. Exercise and diet can help you shape your body or take appropriate remedies according to medical advice. The second and most important thing is to realize that this is a physical condition and not a bother. Understanding their worth here enables other people to not worry about themselves or the way they think about their bodies.

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