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A few tips before you take the first step!

A few tips before you take the first step! Check this Out…


1.A Trustworthy Partner!

This is the first and most important point. To have sex with someone is to have a very reliable partner. Why? The reasons are simple. One is that sex is a very personal matter. Unless a trustee is chosen to share such a personal matter, it may be that his privacy is exposed and may be harmed. We’ve probably seen people who have sex, take advantage of it, take advantage of people, ransom people and women. Second, sexually transmitted diseases. Even protective measures are sometimes used to kiss herpes, such as herpes. Therefore, trust must be fundamental. A spouse who has a history of sexually transmitted diseases, or has a history of having unprotected sex, or a history of drug use should consider at least four times when choosing a sexual partner.


2. Proper communication

When it comes to Safe Sex or Safe Sex, you definitely have to tell about communication. That means both partners should be very open, very clear, and very forthright about it. It is important to talk about what they want, what they don’t like, what they like, and what they want. Otherwise, we have to go somewhere and talk about the phone. I don’t know why, and I don’t know what happened at that time. It should be mentioned here that one has to talk about their own limits. But remember, this communication is not a sex talk or a cell phone sex. This is a straightforward, open-minded discussion about this. Here you can make the right decisions without any unnecessary impulses or feelings. But when you go to bed after that, those decisions cannot be broken!


3. Beware of Bodies!

This fact falls under the first heading. That means. Let’s say that someone decides to go to bed with someone they think is good. So I don’t remember anything when I started work. But that is not the case. Be careful about the body of your lover or lover. That means the body may have suspicious wounds, toothache, and rashes. It is usually in Unicorn areas that are concerned with these organs. If you see any problem that doesn’t work, don’t try to forget it in the name of love. Your safety is important.


4. Make Out!

This is one of the easiest things to do when talking about safe sex. It means kisses, hugs, touches. You can even go for oral sex. But penetration sex, that is, direct vaginal intercourse. But Make Out does not include anything beyond that, such as anal intercourse. But Making Out is the simplest and most accurate way to do it when two lovers want to have sex, but also to keep up with the Limits.


5. Condoms!

Why use condoms? Many people use condoms to reduce their risk of getting pregnant with direct vaginal intercourse. But there is another protection against using condoms. That is, the risk of sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV, can be protected. But here’s how to use the right condom. Many people tend not to use condoms at all. This is because they say that using condoms does not bring maximum sexual satisfaction. But that’s not an excuse. It’s more likely to be psychological. Considering the safety of condoms, that is something to ignore.


6. Birth control

Most people in Sri Lanka have a very confused attitude towards birth control. For many young lovers, the most popular method of birth control is to use the phone before it goes. But it must be said that it is extremely insecure as a form of birth control. The next most popular form of birth control is condom use. Condoms can reduce the risk of pregnancy by up to 98% if a condom is used properly.

A couple who have sex regularly can use swallows like a friend. Or you can go for another long term method like hormone deposits or copper deposits.

The important thing to remember is that if for any reason, unprotected sex is the next step, then the best course of action is to swallow the pozino. But it should be taken within 72 hours of sexual intercourse. But the next thing to keep in mind is that Postino is not a daily birth control method. It’s only for emergencies. The first thing to do is to avoid emergencies like that.


7. Don’t hurry!

Usually, amateurs have sex, and often they have to hurry up and pull up the piles and make a scene, like a tiger in a wooden pallet tail. So if you are an amateur player, it is best to take time and be patient. It is also essential to use quality lubricants that are available in the market. And that’s why it’s unacceptable to go to those two hours in an insecure lodge or room, a rock fence or a pocket in the parking lot. Safety does not just mean protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. You also need to think three to four times about protecting yourself from third parties.

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