inconsistencies in sex life

Are there any inconsistencies in sex life? If so, follow these tips!

Inconsistencies in sex life – Sex is usually a topic that many people hesitate to talk about in public. Some people get married, but they don’t want to talk about sex with their man or woman and how they like to have sex. So it would be amazing if those guys had a sex life. Okay. Now we have different people moving each other. So every person’s tastes about sex are different. But when two people live together, one of the most frequent problems is that they have different sexual tastes. In short, he doesn’t like how he wants to have sex, and he doesn’t like some of the things he does when he has sex. If two people are together now, you can’t leave the sex behind because they have such problems. That’s why you have to try to solve those problems. Here is a little help for that.


1. Communication is important

Here is the basic issue, whether it is about different sexual tastes or about same-sex tastes. Talking clearly and clearly to each other. Here, both of you must remember that this is talking about the secret things in each other’s lives. Never judge the other person’s desires. For example, if Husband says that I like to have sex outdoors, Wife should accept it as just another Sexual Fantasy. Or if you think “you are a big buck”, the job is right there.

2. Meet in the middle?

Generally, the only thing that can be done about each other’s incompatible sexual tastes is that the two of them are in the same position as the other. Bondage, for example, means that a man who likes to tie himself up with ropes can bring it down a little. For example, a wife’s own hands can tie her hands. Then the wife who totally likes vanilla sex can come in if she doesn’t have the biggest problem. Trying to get to the center of the conversation by both of them is a good way to address the issue of different sexual interests.

3. Practice Slowly?

Sometimes there really is no sexual difference between some people. Simply because one person doesn’t like the sexual activity the other doesn’t like. Or just because you think it’s unpleasant. A popular example is those who like and dislike oral sex. If the two of you can get in a clean bed and explain that sex is not a problem, then you can solve the problem. All you have to do is practice it slowly and not slowly. Even if that was the case with anal sex. You can train your spouse to dislike it. But first you have to be willing.

4. Blue Films?

Pornography, or pornographic films, can be an effective way to resolve conflicting sexual tastes. Well, everyone says these things are bad, there are legal issues too. But these can be used to solve problems in sex. As an example, let’s say Wife doesn’t like a scene like Costume Play. That means you have to dress up and have sex. Then you can gently chat with the Wife and give yourself a chance to watch a Blue Film and then watch two films in Costume Play. In that case, most of the time, Wife might be willing to give it a try!

5. Sex Schedule

This is a great solution, if you want to have a family of two with a lot of variation on the sex drive. That means the two of you agree on a timetable to have sex. Even two couples who are really married may not be able to have sex every night. But we can book a day, or two or three days a week. Partner who wants to have a lot of sex here gets a good boost from the prospect of having sex tomorrow. And the partner who doesn’t want that much sex is going to have sex tomorrow, so don’t worry because he knows that today is not fair!

6. Masturbation is not a bad option!

In general, masturbation is not a good idea among adults. But now a lot more people are masturbating than ever before. But most of the masturbators when they are single stop masturbating after they are married or when a partner starts living with a partner. But we are told not to do so. The other should be concerned about the fact that one’s mate can engage in masturbation. And when one person feels that one cannot have sex, the other should be free to masturbate. One of the best ways to cope is to look at each other and masturbate sometimes!

7. What if Matchless?

In fact, there are times like these. Consider an example. There are some people who just want to have sex in a rude way. They get sexual stimulation by hurting and torturing their wife. But what a wife needs is a smooth, smooth, flowing sex experience. Now let’s say that no two of them can agree on anything beyond the steps above. Then there are only three options. Families need to forget about sex and eat. You need to find other ways or means to satisfy your sexual needs while still being friends with your family. Or, sadly, you need to separate.

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