Benefits to women by not wearing underwear

Benefits to women by not wearing underwear

Wearing a lingerie is usually something we do on our way to work from home. Some westerners have expressed the view that there is no point in wearing this undergarment as a custom. According to them, underwear is an unwanted thing. Wearing underwear is now a popular part of the West among fashion stars and movie stars. Gossip news channels have been known to frequent western actresses for some awards. Some news channels have reported that even Kate Mittleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, the wife of Prince William of England, loves the underwear. Why is it that even in Brazil, 18% of women follow suit? Let us learn a little more about it.Benefits to women by not wearing underwear….


1. Going as a commando

Going Underwear is known as Going Commando, Go Commando. During World War II and later, the military contingent had to remain in the forest for a long time. In that difficult environment, they had no way of dressing. In such cases, it was unhealthy for soldiers to wear underwear and not change them for weeks. As a result, soldiers from difficult militias, such as commandos, went to the battlefield unharmed. As a result, there is no shortage of undergarments as Go Commando, Goin Commando in English. If the same underwear is to be worn for more than a day, it is best in all likelihood to remove it immediately.


2. Good health

Wearing underwear limits the circulation of the vagina to women. Also, when wearing non-cotton underwear, the area with frequent sexual orgasm is wet. This is a good background for bacterial and fungal infections. Worldwide gynecologists have said that women should have adequate ventilation, even at night or underwear, even if they don’t have a full day. Although it is impractical for men to wear underwear during menstruation, at other times, doctors have said that underwear is a good habit to reduce the risk of infection.


3. Lack of markings on underwear

Women have to use separate tricks to cover their undergarments. Even in our country, the sight of a bra is a common occurrence in public transport. We all know that undergarments do not just hang in there, they also need straps. But some people see the appearance of straps and edges and the appearance of undergarments in sun-drenched clothing. When not wearing undergarments, no medicine can find a belt or belt. Then you can free yourself from that trouble.


4. Decrease the washing load

When we go to a relative’s house, we are reluctant to put our clothes in their washing machine. When the underwear is not in use, these small, thin pieces of laundry will wash out quickly. Even washing your underwear is a bother at times. There are undergarments with distorted sexual desires. Besides, it is unpleasant to wear underwear in front of a house. Washing, drying, washing and storing your undergarments automatically solves the problem.


5. Feeling lightheaded

Those who wear them have said that if they are accustomed to going to work and spending the day unattended, they will be comfortable. They say that underneath the outer layer of clothing, some other pieces of clothing feel a little lighter than they are. There is a separate sportswear for sports, exercise and yoga. But even women who go to the gym in the West say that it is better to go underwear. They say that the restrictions that come with underwear when exercising do not come when there is no underwear.


6. Reduce costs

Men’s underwear, however, is more than Rs. 500 / =. Sometimes a cotton shirt can be purchased for that price. When it comes to women, they have several bras. Various types of bras have been introduced by the bra vendors as bras to suit each occasion and every occasion. Even the men’s bra is advertised in a variety of advertisements as super cool, well suited, and worn by everyone. The cost of these underwear can be cut from our budget if we are used to being underwear.


7. Increased attraction

This is somewhat controversial. Most Asian women wear lingerie, which is much larger than organs. It increases sexual attractiveness. In Brazil, where women were told not to wear undercover, women naturally had a large and attractive body. For them, the lack of undergarments is an attraction. However, people who do not have undergarments have commented that they do not wear underwear and that their boyfriend, girlfriend, wife and husband are more excited.

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