Different kiss than the ever - types of kisses

May I give her a slightly different kiss than the ever-present kiss?

May I give her a slightly different kiss than the ever-present kiss? – Types of kisses.This is not an obscene topic. A very lovely one. We don’t know how long you and she are in love. But we also know something about love and lust. One way is to show love. So we thought we could talk about some of the world’s kisses.

1. Kiss the forehead

This is where the little and the lovable will start. This will not bring about the most lustful thoughts and go on. The kiss on the forehead is one of the most gentle, loving, and protective. Sometimes the kisses we talk about earlier, no matter how sexy they are, can have a bigger effect on the forehead. It’s another deal with emotion. And for a kiss like this, there has to be love. Others use the money to make ends meet.

2. The kiss of the lips

The kiss of the forehead has reached a certain level of advancement. This is a good sign that the other emotions are starting to emerge, and that love must inevitably come with love. Lipstick kisses, which are shown in boxed boxes in movies, are the kisses of the lips and the undergrowth as they rotate. Those who thought this was the highest level of kissing, don’t be afraid to see the next kiss.

3. The French Kiss

This is one of the most recent updates to the lips. This kind of kiss between two guys is like belly rice. The French kiss kisses a little rough in the mouth, prompting the perfect pairing. Tongue and tongue play a big role here. There are many ways of doing things, though.

4. Belly kiss

Never try to break your neck while you can kiss your neck. This kiss can make you feel as if they are circulating as well as before. It’s like a double-edged knife. No matter how close you get from there. It’s a very sensitive place. This kiss can send an electric shock all over your body.

5. Kiss kiss

If you only watch lips, you’ll miss another sweet kiss in the world. This is it. The sensitive nerves are located behind the earpiece. That is why the stars appear when they squeeze. And so is the response of the subtleties to everything. The best way to evoke emotions. Some mix French kissing styles inside the ear. But if you do, you have to do it without being worried. Or both of you are in the wrong mood.

6. Suction kiss

It was Hickey. And kissing until it’s spot on. This is a little violent. Therefore, it is best to inform your loved one before giving him a hickey. This involves gently kissing while kissing and manipulating the lips to absorb something from the skin. It’s not easy to send purple hiccup, son.

7. Flying kiss

Finally, the kiss from anyone I knew was going to end. This is very popular among school-age children. A flying kiss can pull innocent people into the fringe zone. Even if we give it to someone else, we actually kiss ourselves in this work. Give it to ourselves and send it to another person. This is exactly what an elderly Antilla would have if he had left a loved one.

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