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Do you smell? What does it do?

Usually a bad odor is a bad odor of the body. The biggest case in point is that we usually don’t realize that our body smells. It’s meant for those around. People around me don’t often point fingers and say, “You’ll smell.” But it’s a little out of reach. Miss us It is very sad that they have to be marginalized because of this smell. But bad body odor is not a preventable condition. That’s good news. But to avoid that smell, you will have to stop some bad habits, as well as some good habits.

This is what we do to smell boys and girls !!!


1. Take a bath or wash once a day!

Yes, some people have been bathing all day saying something clay. But we are not talking about the bath. Completely wet, head soaking bath. It is imperative that you wash your garbage. Bathing is not mandatory. But getting a body wash every day is a must. It clears up the sweat that has accumulated on our body, cleansing the skin of bacteria that make up our skin. Here’s something you can definitely do to get rid of it.


2. Wash your hair properly

We’ve already been told how to bathe. It ‘s not worth it. Just wash your body and wash it. You have to be careful about the type of soap used. That means anti-bacterial soap is best. You should also wash your bends so that they can retain more dust.


3. Swim right

We’ve already taught you how to use a bath towel. That means washing the same towel for two months, and using it again and again without drying it out doesn’t matter. And it’s not worth it, just to get wet. In particular, you should moisturize and moisten your hips, hips, and under the breasts. Otherwise, wearing moisturizing clothing means that the bacteria that cause the smell may soon develop again. It is also a good way to get rid of fungi and skin.


4. Smells Private Pots!

Here is a problem that many people face. That means bad odors in their genitals and surrounding areas. Men and women should change their underwear on a regular basis. Needless to say, it is unhealthy to wear underwear more than once a day. It is also a good idea to choose underwear made from materials that are uncomfortable and unhealthy for the skin. Similarly, men should be careful about their genital areas and women should be safe in their genital areas.


5. Stink legs!

Often there are a number of factors that can cause a bad odor to stick to the bottom. One is to put on the same shoes. And some people continue to use the same amount of socks that they used in a day. Then, after washing the legs, wet them and put on socks before the legs dry. Not surprisingly, the legs smell like that.

Of course, using one pair of socks per day is a good idea to have at least two pairs of shoes that can be used interchangeably. We’ve already said that. Then you can use a bundle of used shoes to warm up a little. And even if you have a small towel to wash your feet and wash your feet, there is no loss!


6. Clean clothes

This is the kind of thing that many people often don’t accept. Keeping clothes clean is not a difficult task. But most people do not think to wash their clothes today. Okay, it doesn’t matter. But even if you get in the car, the clothes you wear today should be at least airtight and dry. But one day, when the sun has gone around the country and there are so many stains around the collar, please don’t be prepared to wear it. Go wash up A lot of times people get into the lazy habit of wearing the same clothes and not wearing the laundry. If you have a little wear and tear, wash up today without worrying. Then there will be no clumps of cloth, no need to wear dirty clothes and smell.


7. Eat healthy food

It’s hard. Food that doesn’t smell. When you say this, many people think that after eating, you will be told not to eat them, like garlic. Wrong children. Garlic is really a must-eat dish. But there’s the smell scene. Anyway, what we are saying right now is to get used to healthy foods. That means adding more vegetables and fruits and nuts to your diet. There is no need to make a junk food like that once a week, if you keep a healthy diet like this for the rest of the week.

The bonus of such a thing is that you get rid of sweaty body odors, and this diet is minimized. However, if you eat too much meat and spicy food, and your personal hygiene is not good enough, you will have a perspiration odor.

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