Does the zipper really matter

Does the zipper really matter?

Something to say first. This article is exclusively for boys. Girls don’t bother reading it. But this is important for boys.Does the zipper really matter?

Okay. Let’s get started. Usually in a country anywhere, there is a considerable percentage of boys who are worried. That is the size of the male sex. There are guys who don’t mind this. Their males are relatively large in size. Or they have a shoe with their “talent” that doesn’t matter. But do you really want a girl? Let’s discuss it further.


  1. Is it a problem for women?

Let’s start with the question directly. This is the answer. not. The second question. Do women love sex more? There are several answers to that. Yeah, no, maybe. Then why not give a straight answer? Simple. These things vary from person to person. Sometimes a woman can be more than willing. Another woman might prefer a medium size that’s not too big. So when you do that, a woman’s wishes can be varied. But men have the same dislike. Some people like big breasts. Some people like big booties. But this does not mean that you like it.


  1. Why do men think about sex?

The answer is simple. Why do men always ask us if I’m too big? It’s a pretty normal insecurity. A woman is more interested in and sensitive to the shape of her body. Being so big can make a woman feel insecure. That is why I am always asked if I am fat. But this is the real story. If a woman does not suffer from obesity, it is not ugly that a lot of times it gets worse. It doesn’t make you feel beautiful. But can you explain it to us? Can not. Here’s how men think about their own gender.

A deep-rooted feeling in men’s minds is that the greater the sex, the better their sexual performance and the better their sexual performance. So when a man is easily insecure about his sexuality, the size of the penis.


  1. No, you’re not even fat!

Yeah, now when Nona asks us, “Are you great?” Why such a lie? Actually, she is not worried about health problems. And then we can say, “Yeah, a bunch of stuff. It’s not worth it. You’re beautiful.” But that’s not the correct answer. The correct answer is to expect to hear. It says, “You’re not too good. You look great.” Here is the incident that we are talking about. “What do you think of me?” Men often ask after sex. Often times, a woman will say “super good”. But that would be great, not the biggest story I’ve ever seen. But nona is not a lie!

That is the last thing we want to say.


  1. Why do you like big ones?

Here are the questions! Why do men like big, thin women? Because sex is created through the eyes. Specifically, men should aim for the appearance of a woman, and the idea that men should have sex is a key part of the process. To say that a woman is attracted is not through the eyes. That’s true. But 100% is not true. That is why a woman loves a large penis.


  1. Do the big ones get more satisfaction?

You can’t say that physically. Satisfy a woman of average size but good enough. On the other hand, a woman who is too big to look at a large male genitalia may be tempted. In fact, having too much sex during sex can be more painful than pleasure. On the other hand, a woman who wants to get pain during sex can do so! In short, the matter is personal. What a woman wants can change, and a man may like a few things. But none of these things raise serious problems for a satisfying sex life. The real problem is not the size of the car you drive. What a talented driver he is!


  1. Become a Better Driver!

Here’s the real thing we came up with. When it comes to men, worrying about the size of their male sex, and measuring their manhood by the size of the male sex is a chore. All you really need to do is learn about sex. Explaining what sex is like and how to work hard to satisfy one’s own needs is the right thing to do. In short, practice the art of sexuality. These are not classes to teach. You can start by focusing on the happiness of the other person rather than on your own. So after being such a talented driver, Sois is no longer relevant. Balance can be carried on any highway, on any mountain road. That’s worth it!


  1. Love, Attraction… These aren’t just words!

That’s the last thing we say. The dream of a man who dreams of being a princess can be huge. But when the man falls in love with a woman with normal hair, you tell him you’re a silicon surgeon.

Do you? no. Because none of this is relevant to love. If a man asks you to enlarge it when the man is with you, he will not love it. That’s the bottom line. Love does not depend on the size of the sex organs. They can create normal sexual attraction. But they are temporary. There are many other factors that affect the attraction of love. If the man is attractive, and the electric current runs between the two like a currant, especially if the man is a brilliant driver, then the size doesn’t matter!