Fear of Sex, Menophobia

Fear of Sex – Genophobia or Coitophobia

Fear of Sex – Genophobia or coitophobia  – Let’s talk about a scary story. But sex is the reason we hear these scary stories. Now you may think that sex is the cause of fear of social illness or an illicit affair. Yes, but it is something to be afraid of. But here are some of the reasons why some people have fears about sexual activity. At first glance, these may sound like jokes, but they are not. People with phobias can stay with us even if we don’t have experience. Even if you are the one reading the article, if you are suffering from a phobia, you should definitely see a psychiatrist. Also, remember that this is not necessary to treat phobia as an abnormal condition.


1. Ithyphallophobia

This phobia is also known as Medorthophobia / Phallophobia. This phobia is present in both men and women. People with phobia fear that the genitalia can be renewed/straightened. Some phobia men try to hide from the crowd as soon as their genitals are in direct contact. The worst is that some people tend to harm their own genitals.


2. Medomalacuphobia

This phobia situation is the opposite of Ithyphallophobia we talked about earlier. This phobia situation only affects men. Men with phobia fear that their genitalia may not be energized during sexual intercourse. Too much phobia can cause them to feel inadequate to get their genitals straight and to feel free. But there are psychotherapeutic and pharmacological treatments for phobia.


3. Gymnophobia

These phobia sufferers are terrified to see naked and naked. Their phobia sometimes affects their families. Such people strongly refuse to have sex. Having sex in a full darkroom is one way that people with a phobia can avoid it. But sometimes this can lead to a lack of sexual satisfaction. Therefore, it is extremely important to seek psychiatric treatment in these cases.


4. Menophobia

This phobia is common among women. The fear of menstruation. Seeing the bloodshed during menstruation is one of these fears. Physical and emotional pain during menstruation is one of the causes of this phobia. You may be surprised to learn that phobia is present among men. However, some men may be unwittingly forced into their phobia because of menstruation.


5. Oneirogmophobia

This phobia is common among young men. The phobia is caused by wet dreams and dreams. This is exacerbated by the fear of being ridiculed by family members or others because of sperm in the bed. If you are a parent of puberty children, you may be able to avoid this type of phobia by explaining that this is normal.


6. Erotophobia

Many people in our country suffer from this phobia. Today, many people in our country are scared of anything that has the word sex. This is why children in our country are not getting proper sex education. The fear of anything related to sex is called Erotophobia.


7. Tocophobia

Often phobia is caused by women. These phobia sufferers who are concerned about pregnancy and childbirth refuse to have sex because of it. But this does not mean that they do not love children. Even men who experience the trauma of dying in childbirth suffer from a phobia. Treating this phobia can be avoided by a psychiatrist.

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