For a successful married life

For a successful married life …

Family background

Many people grow up in a family where people talk badly. If both spouses are from similar families, the same may be true of family life.


Things to do for fun

Speaking in a way that is offensive is shown in movies and dramas as a ‘joke’. People who watch them think, ‘It’s just a joke. There is no harm.



Some cultures say that a ‘real man’ should be able to control others, while a woman should be able to speak up and stand up for her rights. A person who thinks like that sees his wife or husband as an enemy, not as his own. He does not speak in a way that is offensive or comforting.


Whatever the reason, heartbreaking talk can lead to divorce. It can also cause many illnesses. Some say that it is worse than a crowded road.


If the marriage bond is already shattered by heartbreaking stories,


Understand. Think about how your spouse feels about what you say. In order to do that, he has to go down to his level. Think of a time when your spouse was upset because of what you said. Instead of trying to prove that what you said then was right or wrong, think about how he felt. Maybe what he said was true, but was it possible to say it with love?


Learn to respect your husband and wife. If you speak in a hurtful way because of the environment in which you grew up, associate with couples who speak with love and respect.


What comes out of the mouth is what is in the heart. That is the reason for the hurtful stories. So think of the other person’s goodness and fill your mind with those things. For example, remember what you did together in the past, what you did for fun. See old photos. Think again about what qualities attracted you to him Tell me how it felt. When a problem arises, instead of blaming the other person for something hurtful, such as “When did you ask me to do something?” Tell me how you felt about it.


If you think the story is going too far, the best thing to do is to stop and walk away. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content.