lost desire to have sex

Have you lost your desire to have sex?

Have you lost your desire to have sex? – Most people may not shy away, but at different times in life, they can lose their sexual desire. But the problem is that a man – especially a man who is married to him – is losing interest. It can also cause family problems. That is why we offer this guide. Add these natural things to life and you will be able to rebuild the sex life that has been so exhausting.

1. Solve your problems

There are many problems between parents, outsiders, and family. Mutt can never stop you from having problems like that. But we can manage these problems. Especially if they work together as a team, there will be no unnecessary disturbance to the life of the outside questioner. If there is a conflict between the two, it is best to resolve it as soon as possible or later. It is good for the body and for the sex life.

If you try to have sex without talking to the other side of the problem, then sometimes the problem is over!

2. Make a Lifestyle Change

Here is the most important. Most of us have extremely busy lives with busy lives. Don’t eat on time, not sleep on time, no excise on time, not eating right. There are thousands of things in our lives that are responsible for such a bad lifestyle. Then addictions – smoking, alcohol, gambling, and more – are harmful to a healthy lifestyle. Changing those things is not just about having a sex drive, but it is essential to a healthy life in general. When that life and lifestyle is healthy, sex drive is back!

3. Is homework too much? Share the work

Now two people are like a bird and a bird when you get married. At that time there was no homework but no big deal. But when the children and the couple are together, the responsibilities of the household increase so much that day’s workplace. Now that the burden of workloads on a single person, most of the time, goes to the woman, who is tired of coming to bed at night. So what is sex? That’s a good thing to do. Then one does not get tired. It doesn’t feel too much. Not even a hindrance to sex life.

Also, if the sex life is fun because you get tired of working at the office, learn to leave the office.

4. Start with Excise

This is inevitable. With our lifestyle now, our toes rarely get excise. That is why when you are married and have two children, you look like an apple. There are two problems here. One is that obesity and having a sluggish body cause problems for sex life. Along with obesity, there are also problems with gender rejuvenation, as well as the practical difficulties of having active sex. And the sluggishness associated with obesity is a big problem for sex life. The second is that there is nobody to look at when the four tires are too big and the tires are jumping. Needless to say, the sex life will also be affected. That’s why continue to excise. Maintain a nice, good looking body.

5. Buy some sexy clothes

It is a sin to wear a nightgown, wear a skirt, or to wear a shoe or to have sex. It is a double sin to wear a nightgown or a full day’s wear. That’s why you need to think about the external things your sex life needs. It’s okay to go to bed and buy some sexy clothes. But before you buy, ask the Husband or Wife what kind of clothes she wants to wear. That sexy dress doesn’t have to be a nightmare. One by one!

6. Switch Birth Control

You have some birth control pills. As a result of this, sometimes sexual desire is lost. If there is such a problem then it is something that should be discussed with the doctor. The doctor may prescribe another form of contraception, especially if you need continued birth control. Other than that, some people – especially men – have condoms and have sex and don’t look like fucking. They’re often sick. But if you get sick or not well, you may want to try another method.

7. Think of new things

with all of this, it’s important. That is, not boring sex life. Borin sex life does not mean that the desire to have sex will diminish over time. So if you want to get a little sexy and activate, you have to think about new things. For example, the two of you can discuss sex sex fantasies. Waif sometimes likes to see Husband wear his underwear. Husbands can sometimes have sex on the beach or just have a little bondage. But one. When discussing new things like this, both of them need to be very open-minded. Can not So, after talking it out, you have to add some practical things to do with sex life. And it looks like the sex life of Booze is booing!