How to have a satisfying sex life

How to have a satisfying sex life after marriage?

How to have a satisfying sex life after marriage? Men, as well as women, have feelings, but the majority of men do not think so. That is why men miss certain things.

The following is a list of things that most men miss A little secret that girls expect in bed but never tell boys.




The naughty man loves the girl from birth. Even though she never shows up, she expects this naughtiness in her bed. Be a sweetheart. Make her aggressively happy. This does not have to be done all the time. But make a difference and make her happy.




Women like a man who listens to her anyway. It’s the same in bed. Men, listen to her carefully. Respond to them and make them happy.




Every woman wants to reveal her innermost desires to her husband, but they are also afraid and ashamed to reveal their desires for fear that by doing so the man may misunderstand himself. Therefore, men should be more open in bed. So respecting each other’s desires will lead to a better relationship.


Wild tales


Wild stories she longs to hear from the man she loves. No matter how much she denies it, it is the truth. Do this occasionally, though not always. Not only touch but also words can make a woman happy. Pay attention to them too.




Kiss her when she doesn’t think so. Hug tight. Hug her even if she tries to walk away. Chew slowly as you kiss her. She’s very happy with little things like this without telling you.




Men, this is where many of you make mistakes. Most men focus on just one or more places on their partner’s body. But don’t do that. A woman’s whole body is sensitive. She will probably be happier with the kiss you put on your forehead than anything you pay attention to. So don’t forget to please every part of her body.


So, do not be afraid to reveal your desires to each other. Understanding and trusting each other will make your sex life happier and better.