How to talk about sex

How to talk about sex in a new love affair ?

When a love affair begins, at some point you have to talk about sex. Sex begins to feel with love anyway. Most people want sex after they start a relationship, but it’s a challenge to talk about it. It’s true that a lot of people find this a little difficult to talk about. Because the social opinion is that sex is something that needs to be talked about in secret. First of all, both of you need to understand whether the relationship between you is a love affair or just a sexual relationship. Then you need to talk about sex. So let’s see how to face this challenge.



Is sex compulsory in love?


Sex is essential for a relationship to be stable. But do not talk about sex if you think it’s the other person’s responsibility to give you sex. If one party tries to maintain a long-term relationship without sex, the other party is more likely to break off the relationship or start side relationships. But remember: do not make it a cause for emotional blackmail.



Want to know the past about sex?


Some people want to know about their partner’s sex history. Others do not want to know their partner’s sex history. They may also be reluctant to talk to their partner about their sexual experiences and past. It would be wrong to force us to say that even then. The other is that if our ex-partner has a secret relationship with us, we are bound to protect that confidentiality in the same way.



Be optimistic about sex


In a relationship, both parties need to have the necessary respect. In a sex talk, one does not know anything about sex, and that is not a reason to criticize him. Also, the fact that one has a lot of experience with sex is not a reason to criticize him. If you find it difficult to deal with those things, it’s okay to separate, rather than criticize the other person while in the relationship.



Sex fantasy


You have to be a little careful when talking about some fantasies. Because the other person might hate that kind of fantasy. In fact, not all the sex fantasies in our heads can be realized. Some of them may not be practical due to the reluctance of the partner. Then we have to carry on the sex talk despite the fact that it is not practical.



What is the best time to talk about sex?


It’s a good time for both of you to relax. It’s best to talk about it when you’ve been in bed at night and chatting. Also, the ability to say things clearly in a chat is low. So a call is the best.