If he wants sex but you can't

If he wants sex but you can’t have sex today, what should do then ???

If he wants sex but you can’t have sex today, what should do then ? In the early days of dating, then in the early days of marriage, we had sex like crazy. But after getting married for a while, the sex life is usually good, but sometimes it seems impossible. There are times when it is difficult to do. But the partner may still want sex. What to do now? Today I am going to tell you how to solve this problem so that neither of you gets hurt at such times.



Don’t lie to him


Here this is very important. What often happens is that at this time a lie is told. The other person is upset when he says that. But lying often hurts the other person’s good feelings. That is why it is important not to lie about the problem you have.



Communication is important


Communication is the most important thing for love and marriage anyway. That’s why we need to lovingly tell her why it’s really hard for us to have sex in a situation like this. No matter how much we are in a bad mood at the moment, this fact is definitely something that needs to be said in love. Because the way it is said, it can hurt him.



Why not really want sex


This is something they need to think about. Especially if this is something that often happens, you need to ask yourself why you think you can’t have sex. It can be upsetting at times. It can sometimes be a physical cause. Maybe it’s because of an upset with him. Sometimes it can be a lack of mood. Sometimes we may not be able to think of a reason.



Can’t you make him happy with other things?


Now let’s say we can’t have sex at this time. It could be because of fatigue or it could be due to periods. At such a time, even if we do not have direct sex, can we not do something that makes him happy? Sometimes help him masturbate
There is no impossibility. Something like that really solves the problem and communicates what we think about him.



Don’t stay without love


Here this is also very important. Sex is one of the most important things in life that pays off together. But more importantly, love. Do not give up at any time. Let’s take an example. I don’t really want to have sex today. But he wants sex. Then we lovingly tell him not to have sex today. But we do not sleep on the other side. We give him a loving kiss and a loving hug. Then he realizes that even though he can’t have sex today, there is not enough love. That should solve the problem.



It is a problem to continue like this


We’ve said before that it’s a problem if you feel like you’re not having sex all the time. If that is not the case then maybe we need to talk to your partner about the exact cause and then seek medical help or counseling. Getting medical help, especially if you feel that you should not have sex because of a physical problem, is the only solution. Sometimes they may have to change their lifestyle on medical advice. You may have to go for medical treatment. If you feel that you can not have sex often with a mental problem, but the same thing should happen.



Talk to you soon and keep up the good content


This is really something to think about if this situation persists. Sometimes the reason for this is that the heat of the sex life may have gone away because of the marriage. Sometimes the reason for this is that both are busy in life. Whatever it is, this is something that can be discussed and resolved. Especially after getting married, if the sex life is no longer super hot, we can find ways and means to bring it back to a honeymoon-like state. The important thing is for the two of you to be honest about it, communicate and work together to make life hot again.