If you are an addict to Sex then this is a must read article

If you are an addict to Sex then this is a must read article

Western psychology accepts that sex is a basic human need. And there’s no need to repeat that the existence of man is determined by what sex says. Sex is a beautiful experience. Everyone agrees. That’s why everyone loves sex. Some people are scared. Some people know how to manage everything. But some people are addicted to sex and tear their hair. In this article we thought about the disadvantages of addict who have sex like this. If you are an addict to Sex or you feel like taking Addict to Sex then you should definitely read this article. And before that, let’s explain a little bit about what sex addict is. Addict to sex can be one of many ways. Speaking of masturbation too much, feeling like you haven’t eaten a porn movie, or being on the toes when a box is jumping. From sexy to a prostitute, to having sex with a fake profile every day, addiction to sex. Okay, so let’s see what the disadvantages are


1. Staying on time

This is the biggest loss of addict to sex, and the story is told that you can’t get it back in time. Just think, how many minutes do you spend watching porn or porn? Sometimes it can be more than an hour. Well, let’s say half an hour. If you look at your job or education documentary during this time, just compare what you can get and what you can afford by looking at Porn. Then you can decide for yourself what your profit and losses are.


2. Spit into the purse

This is the biggest loss of any sex addiction other than masturbation. Much of the data has gone unnoticed by someone familiar with Porn. Data is just one. There is nothing to say again about the costs of jumping the box. But if you can be a mail or email or a prostitute, that’s fine. If it does, the purse will fill the sink, or it will stop the purse from spilling out.


3. Improving efficiency

Sex is hitting up so it won’t stop for long. Sex is thinking of itself as a teenager is looking for honey. So you lose focus on your work without knowing what’s going on. Just look back at what you’ve done. Some mistakes will be made. As a result, you may face serious problems both in life and in your workplace.


4. Stick to relationships

You are safe as long as you keep yourself hidden from society. But we are not a club that can hide things. With a small handful of mistakes, many of your secrets could be exposed in front of society. Imagine if someone in a leaky video that you just watched might have thought their videos would leak that way. If that happens, how would your close friends view you? Look at it, not what we say.


5. Physical health

There are several ways this could happen. One of those things that no one should avoid is “getting sick.” This category includes AIDS, which has not yet been cured of a curable social disease. Also, trying out different sexual postures can result in minor physical disorders. Needless to say, the stress that a person may experience when dealing with a social disease is a must.


6. Spit on self-esteem

Research has found that many people who addict to sex often feel guilty about what they do wrong. This is the real story when the world talks big about their sex life. For this reason, ignorance can diminish their confidence and self-esteem. Worst case scenario is that the reason why addict to sex is that he can never be funny or joke.


7. Straightening to Sex

Now you may be wondering what this guy is saying. Addict to Sex How to Sex. There is a rumor that this is how it is and that the cock’s gourd is white. When you go to the Extreme Level of Sex Addiction, the sex life becomes boring, no matter what you expect. See if you don’t get what you expect from sex.

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