sex without protection

If you have sex without protection, be afraid of these things

Sex without protection.!!! It is a shock to be late thinking of anything that is as pleasing to the mind as money. But whatever comes too late should be used with caution. This is about sex. Having unprotected sex is something that can be problematic, no matter how much trust there is between the two of you, as Asa thought. This is why and what you need to know about it. Of course, condoms can interfere with skin contact. But it is better to feel better than to feel sick at that moment.



1. About the baby


The first thing to be afraid of is a child. If the couple is not married or planning to have a child even if they are married, they should be afraid of having a child in an extramarital affair. So be afraid of that first. If the girl’s menstrual cycle stops, get tested. If you have back problems or food allergies, test them. Drink After Pills in the first few hours after unprotected sex. Condoms are the best way to reduce anxiety.



2. Urinary tract infections


Urinary tract infections can occur in any number of ways. Drinking less water, germs, and sometimes anything that changes the body’s chemicals can lead to urinary tract infections. This type of urinary tract infection can make it difficult for a man to have sex. This also has to do with a little exercise. That is, urinating before having sex and urinating after having sex. For some women Although it is said that it is difficult to urinate after sex, it is because the muscles that are ready for sexual intercourse do not relax enough to urinate. Saying no to muscle relaxation means that you are often not mastered properly.



3. Are you sick?


Is the man waiting to have sex with us sick? Isn’t it Let’s say our hug is done with a person we trust. That too is hard for us to believe one hundred percent. Acne can have serious psychological consequences, such as needles, blades, and skin contact. Even more common is the use of public toilets that can cause certain STIs. So the best thing is to have safe sex no matter how trustworthy you are.



4. Oral intercourse


If you have oral sex for temporary pleasure because you can not find a condom. Herpes can even cause sore throats, including gonorrhea and HIV. The enzymes in the saliva may also kill HIV. The risk of oral sex is low. But that is not a negligible risk



5. Pre-com


This problem is one that everyone has. Sperm is considered to be the last ones to come out, right? You don’t even have to wear a condom on a fork, do you? Only at work, right?
Pri-kam is the lubricant that is released from the tip of the penis when the body temperature rises and the fever increases. From HIV to gonorrhea, many STIs can come from the inside out.
Can I get pregnant with pre-cum?
Sperm have been found to be inanimate, although there are sperm in the fluid that is often released as pre-cum. But the latest research suggests that some of them may be alive. But most people are not afraid of pretzels because they know that there are a lot of live ones that can get pregnant.



6. Exhalation before ejaculation


Getting out before ejaculation is a barrier to enjoying the climax of sex. So it is best to follow a safe method. Because it is better to follow a safe method than to take anything out and dance without letting it out of the body at any moment.



7. What else to fear


There are many ways in which basic HIV infection can cause AIDS. These are sperm, vaginal fluid, pus, blood, breast milk, and rectal ooze.
Gonorrhea can be caused only by sperm, vaginal discharge, and ejaculation.
The other three are known as chlamydia, which affects both males and females, can be transmitted from mother to child, from adulthood to adulthood, and can cause urinary incontinence. In diseases in which the bones feel sore.
Then there is HPV, which can spread from skin to skin, from herpes to cancer.
The next disease is syphilis, which is transmitted unintentionally from wounds, has a major effect on sperm and vaginal discharge, and is not transmitted from adult to adult, perhaps from mother to child.
Lastly, hepatitis C and B can be transmitted without sex. C can be formed from sperm, vaginal fluid, and blood. If you put the same on the list, you can get B.