Is it a shame to know how to use a condom?

Is it a shame to know how to use a condom? If so, keep reading!

Is it a shame to know how to use a condom? If so, keep reading!


1. Get the right condom?

What is a condom? Is there a wrong condom? Says. Generally, there is no wrong story about Sais. Usually, it’s free. No matter how big or small your man’s penis is, he wants to have a free size condom.

Besides that, there are different types of condoms available now. To everyone’s delight, there are stamina condoms that contain benzocaine, in addition to the usual happy condoms. The more time you can hold one of these, the better. Then there’s a little hot condom and a cool cooler that comes with a silicone oil and kulin gel. Then there are the condoms that give you the most pleasure with a dot-like finish that reaches the surface. There are more varieties of these. Lifestyle Mix Berry Condom is a condom that comes with different berry flavors and aromas. Don’t ask if condoms are important for the taste of condoms. Condoms are not just vaginal or anal intercourse. Put on condoms and have oral sex!

Now there are those who say that having a condom and having sex is like eating a hat. Those who think so, but also want a safe sex, can use condoms like Ultra Thin, Lifestyle Sensitive, etc.


2. Is the condom a purse?

Now we’re told to have condoms for safe sex. Now the boys are always in a purse. The girl pulls a purse like Vardo’s and gets a condom. Is that right? Not really. The purse is the safest place to put a condom. This is not to say that condoms are not safe. That means the condom is not safe. Then what? Also, these girls’ handbags are not a good place to put condoms in the long run. The best thing to do is to buy a condom when you need it. Otherwise, it is okay to store condoms at home where the temperature is below room temperature and dry.


3. How do you wear it?

Here’s the problem. Some amateur brothers take condoms and wear them. But if not better.

This is how a condom is worn. First grab the condom and tear it in the corner. But tear off, brush with your teeth, don’t cut with scissors. Now that the condom is ripped off, keep it over the penis so that the rolled knob is out. Now squeeze it so that the air bubbles don’t stick to the top like a small bubble at the top of the condom, then roll the penis down the penis. Stretch the condom like that until it gets to the root of the penis.


4. Getting out of work?

Says. A condom, like a penis, is not going to pierce itself with the penis or the condom will tear or tear. But there is a way to get rid of the condom. That is, if the erection of the penis is lost during intercourse. Yes, it is. On the way to work, the sex may become dysfunctional. That way the condom can be removed. Also, if the condom is damaged, or if the intercourse vibrates the windmill, the condom may crack. Come on, stop working. Carefully remove the torn condom and wear a new one. Go back to bat now!


5. Shape on the end?

No, it’s not Shape. Why use a condom? One is to prevent unwanted pregnancy. And protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. Now that you have just started work and become a little bit of ejaculation, do you want to get rid of your condoms and get to work?

The second protection is not worth the effort. Because the skin has come into contact with the skin and the fluid has been exchanged. Then there is the risk of putting the condom in the first place. Because when the ejaculation ends, the sperm can enter the vagina. The sperm may be present in the fluid released before ejaculation.

Then it’s risky to have a condom in hand!


6. He should be slick!

Now there are condoms made from natural latex rubber on the market. These are very safe. But there’s also a little problem with these natural latex rubber condoms. Any lubricants that are caught on hand will not work with them.

Okay, now we have to tell you what lubricants are. Natural lubricants are usually sufficient for vaginal intercourse. But if you don’t have much time to start having sex, or if this is your first time, you can use another synthetic lubricant. Definitely worth going to the anal intercourse.


7. How to save?

As with any actual condom, the most important thing is how to remove a condom. Rightly so. Normally, a man does not have the vitality of the penis after ejaculation. That is, when the condom is taken out of the vagina or anal or mouth, the condom must first be pulled out of the condom at the base of the penis. Next, the condom should slide off the base of the penis. When you do this, you should first grab the condom. Now the sperm inside the condom needs to be removed so that it does not spill out, cling to the condom, and tie in the base or in a tissue.

Where to put a condom? Definitely go to the garbage can after using the condom. Or do not put the bathroom in the bathroom as some people do. Later, a plumber had to come out of the condom without water.

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