Is it difficult to wear sanitary napkins during menstruation?

Is it difficult to wear sanitary napkins during menstruation?

Being a woman, every woman who is in good health and is experiencing a monthly mass is a holy thing. What happens here is the blood flowing from the vagina with the blood of the uterine wall. So it can cause infinite pain. Many are accustomed to seeking sanitation. But it’s not going to be all right. Some of them have problems that can leak, swell, or get stuck because they don’t have enough. So what can be done about this? Is it difficult to wear sanitary napkins during menstruation?


1. Choosing a high-quality sanitary towel

You have to start from there. Because the other solution won’t work for everyone. But nobody can rely on sanitary napkins. It is important to purchase a sanitary towel based on the length, thickness, texture, and the nature of the material. In the long run, if the vagina starts and ends properly, some people will not get it. You have to decide with the thickest amount of blood. The next is to check if the skin is harmless. The nature of sucking is very valuable. That ‘s why you wear one. The output is the shape here. Some come with two wings that can be attached on either side. They should be worn. These details are covered in the towel.


2. Use of cotton cloth

So what are some sanitary napkins? This is the way our grandparents are. We need to make some clean cotton cloths before using them. Shape these into a napkin and keep it to the desired layer. In the early days, the layers were going to have to hold a lot. Because of the low temperature of the cotton pads, there are no blisters, scratches or yeast infections. But it should be washed thoroughly after use. If you feel a smell, boil hot water after use. Then it’s like a new cloth. It’s so easy for housewives. For a girl who works eight hours a day, there is no need to change. But it is best to keep a small bag for this purpose.


3. The napkin box

This is an effective way to try. Now most of the companies’ names have different names. Buy a few that you think are the best. Then pack it in a box. They can be used as long as needed, with either side attached. The first days use the best of the box. At night, it takes longer. You can use the same napkin as you wish.


4. Proper transfer

The main factor that causes many people who wear napkins is not switching. It is better to switch at least three to three hours. Some people tend to do that in the early days, but the last days try to stay in bed for a whole day. The rest of the money, however difficult it may be, is free of charge. Otherwise, wearing too much clothing can bring a bad smell to them. When you lose confidence, it is a problem to control your body and your body.


5. Tampons

Although not very popular in Sri Lanka, tampons are popular. Ideal for married women. This is so easy that the only indication that masturbation is occurring is the stomach mass. You can run, jump, and swim without any problems. It may feel a little unfamiliar for the first time. The tampon is inserted into the vagina first. This is where blood gets into the tampon. You can pull it out when needed. Here’s how to properly insert a tampon.


6. Menstrual Cup

This cup is the same as the tampon. First take the cup and put two fingers in the middle and fold it in a circular manner. It is inserted into the vagina. It can be used for about twelve hours. Then you can remove the blood and fix it. This is a very eco-friendly and easy way.


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