sex during pregnancy

Is it okay to have sex during pregnancy?

This is a problem that many people have. But a lot of people are ashamed to talk about this. A person who is expecting a child is afraid to engage in sexual activity. Because of the suspicion that the unborn child may be in danger. So let’s see if it’s really okay to have sex during pregnancy…


It’s really okay to have sex during pregnancy. Anything that happens during normal sexual activity between a couple, that is, even intercourse, is not harmful in any way. With the exception of the last few weeks of having a baby, sex is not a problem for the baby at all.


But don’t go for sex this time of the day in the postures you like. Choose postures that are not tight and do not interfere with the blood supply to the stomach.


But during this pregnancy, the expectant mother may have some difficulties. Frequent mood swings due to hormonal activation. So if both of you discuss and both of you like, it is okay to have sex.


Sex does not cause abortions. Abortion is something that happens when the fetus does not develop properly for some reason. That has nothing to do with sex.



But it is not good to have sex during this pregnancy, especially if the doctors advise you not to have sex.