What exactly is the age to start having sex?

Is oral sex good? Or not?

The instant click on the title of the article, right? So, let’s respect that interest and talk about the topic directly without much talk.Is oral sex good? Or not?


1. What is oral sex?

Let us first talk about what it means to have oral sex. In order to have oral sex, one’s mouth must be in contact with the female, vagina, penis, or rectum. That’s not enough. One or both of them should be safe through that. Therefore, kissing or eating is not a form of oral sex.


2. Varieties of oral sex

Sexual scientists have identified two major types of oral sex: the underlying gender factors. They stimulate a woman’s vagina and vagina by the mouth. You don’t need to name the name in common practice, do you? In addition, oral stimulation of a man’s penis is known as falacio.


3. The health risks of oral sex

When compared to anal or vaginal intercourse, the risk of contracting HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases is relatively low. But there is a risk of sore throat cancer due to oral sex. It is caused by the HPV virus. In addition, bacterial infections can occur in the mouth and throat. One of the best ways to prevent this is to maintain personal hygiene and to have sex with only one person.


4. Oral intercourse and pregnancy

A long time ago, a question that was referred to as a medical issue in a newspaper was circulating on social media. The question asked was whether they had had oral sex and whether they would get pregnant. Though entertaining to many, this issue highlights the ignorance of sex education. In the case of oral sex, if the sperm is swallowed, it will not move to the sexual system.


5. Uses of oral sex

Oral intercourse is gaining popularity among many as a sexual activity that can be performed within a short period of time. Oral intercourse can be enjoyed even in an unprepared situation. In addition, oral sex can be seen as a precursor to sexual intercourse. As a means of protecting virginity, vaginal intercourse is rejected and replaced with oral sex.


6. Ancient ideas about oral sex

The Kama Sutra does not give special importance to oral sex in the book. In Chinese Thai, it is taught that oral sex is not wrong. In ancient Rome, oral intercourse was accepted, but the way in which oral sex was practiced was decided by a high division. For example, a man who stimulated a man’s penis with his mouth was considered to be a man’s authority.


7. Oral intercourse in the animal world

Oral sex is also found in the animal world. In some cases, there is no need for another partner to use oral sex. Depending on the nature of their body, they are able to have oral sex on their own genitals. Some zoologists compare this to a process of masturbation. Various species of flies, some goats, and wolves are involved in this process. In addition, bats engage in oral sex.

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