Is oral sex good? Or not?

Is the desire for sex more than normal? Has that become a problem?

Is the desire for sex more than normal? It’s usually about the amount of sexual desire a man has. It is also a problem for a normal, healthy man to lose his penis. It is also a problem to have too many genitals. But the higher genitalia are a problem that can be solved on its own. No matter how sexy it is, you should seek medical advice only if you are at a level where you are not satisfied.

This is how you can get rid of sex with a man who has a high sex drive or with a very high genitalia, without causing trouble for himself or for the other person.


1. Establish self-control

This is not self-control, it is not a complete suppression of the sex drive inside. This is something different. Imagine, some people may forget the place with this heavy sex drive. Others may be tempted to engage in socially unconventional sex. Whatever the case may be, there must be control. It’s not two. This is what self-government says. To have that self-control, they need to have an idea of what their genitals are and how they can be satisfied.

If you can’t maintain this self-control at all times, you have to go straight to Seventh!


2. Agreement with spouse

This is really a schedule fix. Often a problem with a high sex drive is when your spouse does not have a high sex drive. That way the person can stop worrying about sex. We can create a stressful mood without sex. Therefore, it is best to plan a moderate sex life. For example, we could say three times a week. It doesn’t hurt the partner who has sex drive here, because he knows the days when he agreed to have sex. On the other hand, it is a good stimulus for the partner who owns the sex drive. Because she knows the days when she agreed to have sex!


3. Using non-addictive masturbation

Here’s something to use. That means using masturbation in a beneficial way. Some people think that masturbation is a sin. Some people think that masturbating should not be done after getting married. But it is okay for someone with a high sex drive to adopt masturbation. But it also has to be in control. In the long run, it is best not to masturbate to the same routine. By the way, if you have a masturbation life without being an addict, it can be a great help to control the high sex drive.


4. Diverting energy

Sexual tension builds up inside of you. It can be easily used for other purposes. That means someone can play a game. Outdoor activities such as hiking, rowing, etc. Social services can be done. You can engage in any type of activity that you like. In addition to their daily routines, there are other activities that can be used to relieve stress. It gives you control over your sexual desires that you feel are beyond your control.


5. Use mind-altering, integrative strategies

This is about meditation. But do not think of Maithree or “Aanpaananasati” meditation as the meditation when you are spreading your legs. Even meditation like that is good. But this does not have to be Buddhist meditation. If you can spend some time in the free space and concentrate on the mind, it is over the top. There are many smartphone apps available for this purpose. When you search for Meditation Apps, you can find them.


6. Solving Your Sexual Problems

Saying these sexual issues is different. Some may have instant gratification. Some may have delayed release. Others may feel insecure about their body and organs. Chronic sexual problems like these can affect our mental health. Our sexuality and our sexual potential can be very insecure. This can lead to excessive genitalia. In fact, genitalia are not healthy at all. Because these desires arise as a mechanism to saturate insecurities. That’s why we have to solve these sexual problems. It can even be referred to psychological counseling if needed.


7. Mental counseling

This is the last trump card. Sometimes we have too much sex to control ourselves, but sometimes too much sex can affect our day-to-day life, our jobs, our family lives, our social lives. Coming to that place just means that it is no longer a simple problem. You may need to consult a counselor or, if the situation is more serious, refer to a psychiatrist. But remember, getting the help of such a professional can solve this problem. It is not possible to solve this problem by being ashamed or out of sorts!


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