Not getting enough sex

Paying for love can damage your life

Paying for love can damage your life.In short, we are talking about sex. But this story is about not having sex. If you are a grown man or woman who reads this post, you can see how your life, if your heart’s not getting enough sex, can be a bit of a crisis. So if you are not having sex because you have no one to love, no life partner, and no spouse wants to embrace, then this may be useful for you.


  1. The crisis of men

Lack of resources for long periods of time can lead to a crisis for men. That is something that many men fear. It is a matter of great concern to men. Many men use a variety of medications, often for fear that their genitals will not be energized. However, men may not engage in sexual activity as a fact to make this fear a reality. Men who do not engage in sex are at increased risk of prostate cancer.


  1. Loss of immunity

Sexual intercourse is a good reason to boost your body’s immunity. Sexual intercourse is often seen as one of the main reasons for losing immunity. Increased immunity is one of the reasons women become pregnant. However, if you lose your sexual pleasure because you keep yourself busy, it can hurt your health and indirectly cause you to lose work.


  1. passionate desires

Another issue that experts say is that the initial ejaculation is not refreshed, but the problem is that men and women may not have arousal. Although this sounds very serious, no definitive idea has been made on the mainstream. It is said that the hormonal reactions that occur during the abstinence of the body are answered by the body.


  1. Stress and suffering

Stress is a sickness that no one should ever develop. Stress is hard to say. Increasingly, having sex is one of the most important factors in getting rid of stress, and the opposite may be that emotional turmoil can invade you to get rid of sex. This can cause you to become more and more disturbed by the distressing problems you encounter in everyday life. If you are someone who has had a lot of fun dating a long time ago, this is likely to increase.


  1. Old Heart

Sexual intercourse can also be a result of good blood flow to the cardiovascular system. However, sex is a good exercise. So what you get from the treadmill, the same way you get your body through sex, is not good for the heart of someone who doesn’t exercise at all.


  1. The brain

Frequent sex is a good cause for brain damage. Explains how the brain’s neurons develop during sex. Although it is known among women in the past that it is the brain that develops from sexual intercourse, it has proven to be false. In this connection, the development of these neurons takes place in a part of the brain that acts on long-term memory.


  1. Let us kill

It is said that not having sex with your spouse as usual can lead to conflicts between you and your spouse. Many people experience the fact that they often feel deprived of something and recall the enjoyment of the moment when they were not available.

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