Read on before breaking the thread

Read on before breaking the thread

Read on before breaking the thread, Before you read the article, here is a article that only applies to boys. This is not to say that the girls have never read a book that they read. In this article we are talking about a problem for boys. But even a girl does not need to worry about the boys having problems.


1. The thread of the thread

The boys reading this article don’t have to re-teach what the thread is (think that). But, as I said before, boys are not the only ones reading this (don’t stop reading them). In common usage, yarn is a membrane that connects the sensitive part of the penis and the lower extremity of the penis. This is because it is a thread.

Sex education in Sri Lanka still does not work properly. This is why some boys are not even aware of the gender structure they have. That is why some people think that the same is true of the thread. But these are two parts. One of the reasons for this may be a lack of understanding of Phimosis. This is because of the inability to retract the front skin and penis (don’t hesitate to consult a doctor if you have this condition).


2. Let’s talk about the thread

The word yarn is a word that we have coined. But most of the grown-up kids don’t know the thread, they know the “egoist”. Those who are English-savvy know it as the “Frenulum of prepuce of penis”.


3. What do you do with a penis?

To understand this, you need to think about the nature of Foreskin during sexual intercourse or ejaculation. Remember what happens before that time? No, (remember not looking at it at the time) when going back and forth when it comes to reinforcing your gender, it’s usually easier to get back to where you were before.


4. Is it true that the thread is broken?

A popular misconception among some boys and our society is that the thread breaks during the first sexual intercourse, so it says something about the character of the boy, like the girl’s penis, that God created. This story is just as nonsensical. Fracture may or may not occur during sexual intercourse. Some people know this from experience, but don’t think it’s true that they have little to do with their personalities. Because the actors in the blue films are not all the same. When you go to school for sex with blue movies, you get such stupid comments. If you do a little Net search, you will realize that the Blue Movie actors are getting rid of the tube surgery.


5. When will the thread break?

During impulsive sex, hard sex, anal intercourse, the yarn can break. Some guys think that innocent pleasure breaks the thread when masturbating. Masturbation is not the right thing to do because of the fear that it will be too much to bear. The likelihood of that happening is very low.


6. Does the thread break?

What the heck, the thread is in a sensitive part of a boy’s body. The torn fracture causes severe pain and bleeding. A lot of men keep up with this pain and keep the pain from shame and fear. In a few days, the wounds can get better. Sometimes, though, sex can be a pain, or a lack of energy. Therefore, it is best to consult a doctor and get proper treatment. What you need to remember is that as a result of your shame, you are missing out on a chance in your life. That’s why we say to go to a doctor instead of taking advice from Ostarla, who says he knows sex.


7. What if the thread is short?

The most common complication that can occur with a thread is the Frenulum Breve condition, which, as the subtitle says, is the most common problem. This can cause pain during intercourse and refreshment. People like this have the problem of splitting the thread. The best thing to do is to go to a doctor. This condition can be avoided with a little surgery or self exercise.

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