Seven strategies to delay safety

Seven strategies to delay safety

“Safe is the instant release of cumulative sexual tension during the sexual response cycle, resulting in a great sense of arousal with rhythmic muscle contractions in the hip area.”

When you read this, you were haunted, right? Don’t worry, I was a hawk too. This note is on the Wikipedia page about the ecstasy. The note is written in terminology. Simply Understand What auspicious is, “Simply put, both sexes can be said to be the most satisfying part of a sexual encounter.” Fluid discharge also occurs in females’ females. Females tend to be safer compared to males. Many women do not feel safe in their marriage. The main reason for this is that the male becomes premature. Sometimes men are uncomfortable with issues such as instant gratification. So, today we thought of a few strategies to delay safety. This article is mainly targeted at men. But there is nothing wrong with reading women.

Before that, it would be good to have a little awareness of a man’s safety. A large number of sensory nerves are located in the penis. The final result of this nerve stimulation is ejaculation.


1 .Continue a Podcast

This method is the simplest, stop working for a minute and then relax for a minute. By following this method, you can work hard for as long as you like. But do not forget to follow the procedure so as not to offend your partner.


2. Squeeze a little

This method is an easy way to squeeze the tip of the penis into the fingers of the penis when it feels safe. Usually half a minute is enough. Then you have to get back to work. But, as I said before, you should follow this method so as not to nail your partner.


3. Change your style

Here’s how we mean sex. Some people know from experience that when you get along with certain sexual instincts, you feel safe. Particularly sexual in missionary and doggy postures. An alternative to this is the use of postures such as Woman on top and Spooning. But don’t think of doing the same thing every day in the same posture. Do not forget that diversity is the only way to satisfy both partners.


4. Wear protective sheaths

Wearing a protective sheath will keep you safe. This is due to the delay in the stimulation of the nerve by covering the penis. It is not feasible for a normal couple to use contraceptives except for a couple who wish to have a birth control.


5. Use of coatings

A gel-free cream or cream that delays palliative care can be used before intercourse. Some protective shells also contain gels and creams. But there is a question as to whether mates will ever get the maximum satisfaction from using these. This is because these can cause the ejaculation of the penis.


6. Give yourself pressure

This involves delaying the ejaculation by applying pressure to the testicular areas. There are two zones where the pressure can be applied. That is the area below the testicles to the anus. It can stimulate the area with your fingers. Tell your spouse if you need it. Slowly sliding the testicles over the top can delay the task.


7. Send around the heart

Now you may be wondering what’s going on around the heart? This is a simple way too. Think about something that is not relevant at the first time you feel that your sperm are getting out. For example, the president made a joke. This is a little bit of a psychological bribe. Through this we are distracting the brain. The end result is a temporary stoppage of ejaculation.

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