Things to Consider During Menstrual Menstruation

Things to Consider During Menstrual Menstruation

Things to Consider During Menstrual Menstruation



Number one is this. A sanitary towel or a cotton cloth must be very clean. It’s not clean enough. With constant bleeding, the vagina and surrounding area become dirty. When not washed properly, it can cause an odor, itchiness, and displeasure at the same time. So, Dr. Gentleman says to wash your hands at least twice a day. The best way to do soap is to use only soapy water. Because using soap can even kill beneficial bacteria.


2. Replace sanitary napkins

In the first few days or so, it is not advisable to wear a sanitary towel for more than 4 hours. This is because the bacteria in the blood that accumulate in it increases the odor. Vaginal area is also inflamed. It’s hot. There’s blood too. Invisible microbes can survive. Similarly, changing the bowl every few hours will not allow the blood to flow unnecessarily.


3. Disposal of sanitary napkins

There is no need to put a finished towel in there. Before putting it in a trash bin, you need to cover the towel with a towel so that it is sealed again. Some have a nameplate cover. Otherwise it’s okay to get a piece of paper. Just throwing it in can cause the odor.


4. Having sex

While menstruation is a form of depravity, there are other benefits to imagery. Excess pain, headache, and a few days of menstruation will stop. But you have to use a condom. There is more than just dirt everywhere. That is, living organisms in this dirty blood can spread the disease like sexually transmitted HIV. So use a condom.


5. Make bathing a habit

The same thing goes with the cleanliness we talked about in the first place. There is a myth that women do not like bathing at this time. It’s actually from India. They believe that water in places where they are sacred is polluted. But now there are bathrooms that are as large as the home’s dining rooms.


6. Free yourself from unnecessary anxiety

The pain comes just days before menstruation. It would be bad to take anything so serious. When taken lightly, as usual, pain can be alleviated. Keep the sick in mind.


7. Blood flow

During the menstrual cycle of about four days, about 16 teaspoons of blood is drained. So that’s why water and iron-based foods come into play. Letting go of dehydration at this time is a curse. Remember to drink well.


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