Things you should never say when a fight breaks out...

Things you should never say when a fight breaks out…

When there is a fight between a boyfriend and girlfriend or a husband and wife, a lot of people get angry and say everything that comes out of their mouth at that time. But most of the time, none of us think about how much it hurts the other person. I do not think so, in fact, we do not even think about the anger that comes at that time. But out of anger, we cannot recreate what we say. Sometimes a little quarrel can go a long way because of what we say and lead to a divorce or even the end of a relationship. So this article is about some of the things we should never say during a fight.


I do not even want to see you


Words like these can be read to impulse. A lot of people might think that being angry means forgetting it later. But the truth is that 90% of people get hurt a lot because of words like this. Even after that fight, I wonder if he really has a grudge against me. So try your best not to say such things when fighting.


This money is mine


These are things that some couples say every day during fights. Husband talks about trying to make ends meet, spending money on his wife’s clothes. Wife talks about the dowry she brought. But no matter how you say it, it’s very ugly. So keep in mind that saying things like this in a fight means that the relationship is based on material things, in an unsure place.


I came with you was a fool


This is a common story that can be heard in a fight. But that doesn’t mean this is a good story. What usually happens is that this love, or this marriage, is said to indicate that it is wrong. Sometimes you can see an extension of this. That is, “I could have gotten a better man / woman without you.” Here is a hint that this love or marriage is a wrong decision made in life. Sometimes it can haunt the other person even after the fight is over. It can end a love affair or a marriage.


You never do the right thing


A story like this creates a very low feeling in the heart. Shame on themselves. And the feeling that they can’t do things. That feeling can wreak havoc on a person’s self-esteem. Even after the fight, the humiliation caused by a story like this does not go away. That is why it is better not to say such a thing to anyone in the middle of a fight.


This is all your fault


None of us are perfect. In a fight today, it could be our fault. But that does not mean that everything we do is wrong. One person is not to blame for all the troubles, especially in a romantic relationship or marriage. But there are some who say that despite their own mistakes, it is always the other person’s fault. So any quarrel with such a person will be credited to the other person’s account. But you have to keep in mind that you can not run into such a relationship for too long.


Many people find it difficult to fight without saying such things. But keep in mind that saying things like this can make you lose valuable people. So do not say these things in a fight.