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What exactly is the age to start having sex?

What exactly is the age to start having sex?What we brought to you today is the subject of a massive attack on us by so-called orthodoxy, by soothsayers and by so-called defenders of our own morality and morality. Why do we call it so-called orthodoxy, so-called ours, so-called morality? The reason is simple. Tradition is not a bad thing. We must carry forward the progressive elements of the tradition. Our values and morals are definitely progressive things that should be passed on to future generations. But even if you hear the word ‘sex’, you will not be disappointed with what you call ‘our religion, tradition and morality’. That’s why we say it’s what we want!

Okay, back to the story, what exactly is the right age to have sex? Want to have sex? When is the right time to have sex? We have a lot of questions in front of us. So we are trying to answer these questions from the best age to start having sex.


1. Age of Physical Fitness

This varies from person to person. But in general, experts say that between the ages of 15-19, sex is a good time for a girl or a girl. Well, before long a boy or a girl can have sex. Especially a girl can grow up before she is old enough. But a boy or a girl is not in a position to have sex all of a sudden. Some of the hormonal changes that take place inside the body have to be balanced.


2. The age of mental fitness

Before we talk about mental fitness, we need to understand what sex is. Sex is not just sexual intercourse. Sex can be called masturbation. Even if you have the mental fitness to have sex, some people may develop after puberty. Some may be late. Mental fitness for masturbation can occur along with sexual maturity. But having the mental fitness needed to have sex with another person can take as long as 15 to 15 years, and some may even go down.


3. Age of sex knowledge required to have sex

This is the important point here. Mental fitness and physical fitness, no matter how early they go, don’t have the necessary knowledge about sex. Really, sexual knowledge is all about having a proper understanding of one’s sexuality, a proper understanding of what is happening in sex and having sex, an understanding of safe sex, sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancy. In fact, once you know all of this, it is best to have your first sexual experience with another person. It is also important to acquire this knowledge in the right way. Because the wrong sex knowledge you get from friends, blue movies, and other shady ways can cause serious problems.


4. The age to have sex

Here is a tricky story. According to law, sex is not a problem if you are over 16 years of age and the girl has consent. Actually, not only the girl, but the boy also needs to be over 16 years of age. But here the girl is special because the girl is going through a pregnancy. But, you have to be over 18 years of age to get married. However, the fact that this marriage should be at least 18 years old does not affect the marriages of Muslims. But there are pressures to change Muslim marriage laws to prevent underage marriage.


5. The age that calls for sex as per tradition

Come on point. What is the age to ask for sex? This is for each parent and for each of the children. Let’s talk openly. When it comes to masturbation, some parents believe that it is a sin or a mistake. Then it’s not gonna do it any time soon. Even for some children, masturbation may be wrong. For some people, masturbation may not make sense. Others may not enjoy masturbation at all. All these factors affect when to start and when to start masturbation. Then,the age traditionally said to be having sex with another person is the age at which they get married. Then you will be eighteen years old, maybe twenty or thirty years old.

But there are ways and means to fall in love without having to have direct sexual intercourse. Most of the time, the first sexual experience is when a boy or girl can be friends with someone!


6. Why not in the West before?

Yes, when you look at those Hollywood films, we see girls who are having sex freely at the age of 16. But even there are no girls who have sex after 16 years. The only thing is that in western countries, there is no freedom to have sex while traveling.


7. The right age to really start having sex

We think this is really the most important point in this entire article. Then we think that the best age for a girl or a girl to have sex is when she completes her secondary education. There is reason to say so in general. As a child’s primary right, education is an opportunity for a child to make use of it. Even in those codes of ethics, there should never be any objection to a child’s education. If you can legally have sex after the age of 16, that’s a problem. The question of getting a proper sex education at age 16 is also a problem.

But if there are two people who volunteer to have sex, it is really a problem to wait thirty to forty years. Rather, we fearlessly say that having a sexual experience is good for life. So when we get to the age of 18, and after we’ve grown up and really learned about sex, as we said at 3Point, we have to say that having sex with a non-minor is not the problem!

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